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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  January 7, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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these mechanical felines came purring close horizon even meow. hebrew home currently has 34 robotic cats and is just ordered an additional 16. >> it's genius. just terrific. >> "fox report saturday" with julie banderas up next. julie: a suspect in the fort lauderdale airlines shootings could face the death penalty. i am julie banderas and this is the fox report. the suspect right here esteban santiago charged with an act of violence at an international airport resulting in death. he is 26-year-old and he is an iraq war veteran. we are told he is cooperating with investigators. officials do say he took the weapon out of a checked bag and opened fire in the baggage claim area. he killed five people. he wounded six others.
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it was all caught on camera as travelers frantically ran for their lives, many of them gripping their children trying to keep them safe and one survivor describes the moment when the shots were fired. >> i was just standing right next to her and i gave her a gift. she turned around. she was shot in the head and killed. the guy next to him was shot in the cheek and the guy next to him was dead. then he walked around to the other side of the luggage carousel and i scooched closer to kind of get out of the protection and i saw my husband and he reloaded and is walking stonefaced stopped right by my
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husband and was shooting other people but he didn't shoot my husband. julie: that is one of the most harrowing tales i have ever seen in my television career into imagined the memories and the horror that she will have to live with and all of those victims who survived will have to live with for the rest of their lives. the area is working to get back to normal today, as normal as normal can be. full service has resumed everywhere except for terminal two. that is where the shootings occurred. flights are operating as usual but some baggage is being routed through another terminal. phil keating has more from fort lauderdale hollywood international airport tonight. what is the fbi in alaska's thing about the defendant? and of a had a news conference earlier in the day so what did they have to say? >> they elect field office there in anchorage, alaska and wanted to clear some the things up it up and reported yesterday and you confirmed back in november esteban santiago did voluntarily
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walk into their field office in anchorage and he was claiming that u.s. intelligence was controlling his brain. they said he was agitated, they said he was incoherent claiming u.s. intelligence was making him watch isis propaganda videos. well, they checked them out and they did not find any ties to terrorism. they certainly concluded he was delusional and could use a mental health evaluation if not treatment but he broke no laws. he was not placed on a no-fly list and yesterday around 1:00 that is when the carnage happened in the baggage claim area. about one hour after that there were calls of the second gunman and more gunshots and where the parking garages in terminal two and the panic and terror and absolute fright on thousands of travelers faces as they ran out of the terminals onto the tarmac and across the runways which is just unbelievable.
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the fbi believes santiago well thought this plan out and executed it very well. >> indications are that he came here to carry out this horrific attack. we have not identified any triggers that would have caused this attack but again it's very early in the investigation and we are pursuing all angles and what prompted him to carry out this horrific attack. >> airport director told me today they would be doing 85% of normal operations here today for most of the morning and early afternoon terminal to where the baggage claim is here is not really operational but it is now and about half of the baggage claim area is being used. arrivals and departures are once again going through terminal to which serves delta and air canada however some of the arrivals, those bags are being picked up at terminal three.
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julie: i know there's still a lot of baggage that has not been claimed either by victims or people that try to escape. we have also now seen the arrest affidavit. what does it say? >> santiago according to the arrest affidavit cooperated fully and fully admits he in fact did plan out this while living in anchorage, alaska very well thought out. he said he went to the airport in anchorage and bought a one-way ticket from anchorage via minneapolis to fort lauderdale. he checked one suitcase and that contained his uploaded 9-mm weapon and two magazines full of bullets. upon arrival according to the affidavit he went to the baggage claim area, retrieved his bag, goes into a men's room and then goes into a stall so no one can see him, unlocked the box, takes out the gun, loads the first clip in and walks out of the restroom and then just start shooting all is the first people he encounters until the drops
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the clip out and loads the second magazine in and empties that one as well shooting anywhere between 10 and 15 bullets, again five people killed and six wounded. the eyewitnesses quoted in the affidavit saying he was very methodical and very much using precision as he walked around. again the results of video earlier today, the bags of terminal two finally taken out of the crime scene which is now being cleared out. julie. julie: julie: phil keating thank you so much. president-elect trump responded to the intelligence report concluding russia infected metal and election for the white house but investigators are saying russian president vladimir putin ordered the campaign with the intent of helping mr. trump beat hillary clinton on november 8. they're calling it and i'm quoting unprecedented but mr. trump tweeted this. having a good relationship with
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russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. only stupid people or a fool would think that it is bad. we have enough problems around the world. when i'm president russia will respect us far more than they do now in those countries will perhaps work together to solve some of the many pressing problems and issues of the world. president obama offering his case on the hacking. >> i want to say that i am concerned about the degree to which we have seen a lot of commentary lately where the republicans or pundits or cable commentators who seem to have more confidence in vladimir putin than fellow americans because those fellow americans are democrats. that cannot be. >> does that include the president-elect? >> well, what i will say is that , and i said this right after the election, we have to remind ourselves we are on the same table. vladimir putin is not on our table.
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julie: fox team coverage in bryan llenas is covering the transition from trump tower but we begin with carolyn shively on the intelligence report. what does that report predict will happen next? >> the russia will try again julie. it forces the kremlin has learned from this attack and will try again somewhere on the world stage possibly to meddle in the elections of u.s. allies and that's why some intel experts want action from the incoming administration. here's dennis ross. >> i hope that the new trump administration will basically send a very discreet message to putin and say this is the kind of thing that is off-limits, unacceptable and not tolerable. we are looking forward to having a decent relationship with russia but it's a two-way street. >> the information we have is from the unclassified version of the report. some of what it reads from a classified version is how the intelligence community collected
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this information, they do want to tip off the russians or other actors about the next move. julie: how confident is the intelligence community and these findings carolyn? >> the conclusions are at the height confidence level. their high-quality sources that back up this claim but here are the bullet points of those conclusions. one, putin's goal eventually came to help donald trump when the white house but at first the kremlin's mission was to hurt hillary clinton and undermine her likely presidency. that did not affect vote counting. besides hacking rush influenced the election in third party intermediaries and rumors on social media. also claims russia collected information on some republican parties but did not conduct a comparable disclosure campaign. the intelligence community didn't assess where the hacking operation affected the elections outcome. they said that's not part of their job. julie: carolyn shively thank you.
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for more in the president-elect's reaction bryan llenas is live at trump tower, hey brian. >> hi julie. the president-elect had it to our conversation with top intelligence officials yesterday and was quote instructed. he is concentrating on two main takeaways from that meeting and their intelligence report. one that the russian hacking or interference did not have any effect on the voter count or the voter tally a number two he says that this nation really needs, and really intensifies cybersecurity that he plans on bringing out a plan in the first 90 days of his presidency to do just that, to protect against cyber attack from russia, china and other bad actors. trump tweeting quote intelligence dated very strongly there was absolutely no evidence that hacking affected the election results. voting machines not touched. he also blamed the dnc for the
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hacking stating quote any tweets gross negligence by the democratic national committee allows hacking to take place. the republican national committee has strong feedback to "the wall street journal" reported last month at the rnc was not hacked because of the security defects they have in place but also that intelligence report also noted that's the russian hackers really attempted to get information from both republican and democratic targets and that they did receive that information but they chose to disclose the democratic information in a different way than they did with the republicans so we will see on that. julie: brian president-elect donald trump continuing to fill out his cabinet this week so he is doing that. what's going on? did i just hear someone scream behind you? it's amazing how composed you are. >> the blizzard screams. that's exactly right. dan coats is the person we are talking about. he spent some 15 years in the
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senate a republican from indiana and the ambassador of journey. they are talking about him as the next -- mr. coats interesting was a member of the senate intelligence community -- committee and have been an advocate for strength internation cyber security supporting legislation that encourages government and the private sector to work together to protect and fight against cyber attack king and also he was also tough and enforce sanctions against russia when it came to annexation of crimea. julie: interesting because all of this happens to come at a time as the office of government ethics is warning that it is done reviewing the cabinet selection. >> that's right. the person in charge of the government releasing a letter today in which he says look we have not had enough time to do basic ethics reviews of these cabinet picks and already we are having the confirmation hearings this week and he is saying he is
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deeply concerned that they are not getting out of time to finish all of the basic background reviews. the democratic national committee releasing a statement today backing those concerns saying these rushed hearings must be delayed until the ethics reviews are finished and if trump and the g.o.p. led senate failed to do so the only reasonable conclusion to be drawn is that they are concerned about what will be exposed. a jampacked schedule when it comes to confirmation hearings as a coming week. republicans say nonsense. both sides of the aisle in terms of people going to the hearings with paperwork not completely done. julie: ryan yannis thank you very much live at trump tower tonight. thank you. tonight judge jeanine has inclusive interviewed you do not want to miss. she will be talking with eric trump and this is his first sitdown since he shut down his charity pitch he also interviewed sean spicer the incoming white house press secretary tonight on "justice with judge jeanine" at 9:00 p.m.
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eastern on "fox news". do not miss it. tomorrow on "fox news sunday" another must watch tv moment chris wallace sitting down with reince priebus to talk about president-elect trump's new administration. check your local listings. the g.o.p. led congress starting the process on scrapping obamacare. i had, white democrats and even some republicans say that there is more work to be done before they can actually dismantle obamacare. plus, winter weather making things tough and treacherous for travelers up and down the east coast. heavy snow has caused the biggest problems for drivers. >> stay home. do not go out and drive on the roads unless you absolutely have to. americans - 83% try to eat healthy.
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most common side effects are headache, diarrhea, dizziness loss of appetite, and bruising. (man) dad and i shared a lot of moments. now we're making the most of each one. (avo) ask about namzaric today. julie: a winter storm slamming the eastern u.s. with heavy snow and high winds over the weekend with severe weather causing palms for drivers like this 20 car pileup the clothes part of the connecticut highway today through the storm is causing travel problems, in fact all across the east coast. forecasters think the temperatures are going to get much warmer meaning all that snow and slush is going to stick around. will carr is live in los angeles where it is not snowing and they have nice weather. what is the weather like there? where's the weather the worst right now? obviously where you are getting so bad. >> that's right we have some in los angeles tonight julie but there is bad weather on both
4:19 pm
coasts. if you take a look at the way it's mapped you guys are feeling it in the northeast northeast the worst. snow pounding the entire area and new yorkers expecting three to 5 inches, boston up to a foot. 50 million people under winter advisor in the east coast this weekend where snow and issa already cripple the south with the storm system leaving four people dead and the strong winds have knocked snow and ice off of limbs around the south on the power lines leaving tens of thousands of people in the dark to the weather has also created travel nightmares. hundreds of flights have been canceled in traffic accidents have been seen in states up and down the coast including in connecticut where we saw 20 car pileup he thankfully nobody heard there but it does show you the dangerous driving conditions. take a look at this advisor mantra driver in north carolina. >> it gets so bad in that slick out, stay home because it's going to be one car and together
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and it's going to be nonstop. c good advice, julie. i will leave you with a quick story. back when i worked in tennessee years ago i was actually driving on some snow and hit some black ice and flipped the new scar. happened in a split second so just goes to show if you don't have to be driving in those conditions simply don't. julie: i've got to say you are dodging a bullet right now because usually when people report on the show they'd used no angels but you don't have any snow so i can't ask you to do that. >> i can make the grass angel for you. julie: the people in the west are impacting a lot of popular tourist areas. >> absolutely, good news bad news. to our north mammoth valley has seen up to 4 feet of snow so good news for the skiers but there has also been dangerous storm systems that move through. they have closed all the roads going into yosemite national park. we are expecting storms until monday in california so there's concerned if about mudslides and
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julie: at judge denies bond for four people accused of beating a mentally disabled man in streaming the attack live on facebook. the young adults appearing in court where prosecutors revealed a ransom had been demanded for the 18-year-old victim. meanwhile nearly $100,000 has been raised in support of that young man. craig wall has more from fox affiliate debbie flc in chicago. sam prosecutors laid out chilling details about what
4:25 pm
happened inside the apartment where the 18-year-old victim was held captive in short -- tortured for hours. >> hours. snuka. >> the victim was punched in the head. the victim is screaming now in fear when a male walks over to him with a knife and says should i shave his [bleep] also heard multiple times that male voice threatening to kill the victim. prosecutors say the baby of the victim began hours before jordan hill attacked him in a van after leaving him there for two hours. >> defendant hill ordered the victim to the rare pavane ricky began to beat the victim using his fists and he took the victim's cell phone and stem car. >> in court the judge repeatedly asked the defendants where was their decency and all of this and she called him a danger to society. the grandmother of britney in tunisia covington cried as she listened to details of the case as she hustled out of court. are these the granddaughters that you raised? >> aires and very properly. >> how did this happen? what would you like to say?
4:26 pm
>> we are very sorry this happened. my girls were raised like this. reporter: prosecutor said after the victim's mother contacted facebook asking where her son was hill demanded a ransom. it caused such commotion this web site apartment the downstairs neighbors confronted the suspect to win to retaliate. >> width of the female defendants and cooper chased the victim into the second-floor apartment after defendant hill threatened he would come back up again. julie: attend a manhunt coming to in and in new york when police caught an escaped prisoner. officials say they arrested this guy 31-year-old daniel ortiz in penn station after amtrak officers that he was acting suspiciously. ortiz escaped from a hospital on december 29. he was being treated for cuts after an arrest on a shoplifting charge. we are told the officer who was
4:27 pm
supposed to be watching him was on his phone. that officer has now been suspended. the iraqi war -- trying new tactics in the battle for mosul. the latest on the fight to drive advices and more ahead on our top story. we now know the names of some of the victims killed in yesterday's fort lauderdale airport shooting. one of the victims was a great-grandmother. gone sayonara. this scarf, all that's left to remember. what! she washed this like a month ago! how's a guy supposed to move on! the long lasting scent of gain flings. start your day with the number one choice of dentists. philips sonicare removes significantly more plaque
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julie: an official charge in the deadly airport shooting in florida. the suspect and iraq war veteran now charged with come and here's the charge and i quote an act of violence at an international airport resulting in death. investigators say he flew from alaska to florida with a one-way ticket and planned to kill. he shot five people and wounded six others. some of those victims now have been identified. florida governor rick scott says the community is rallying behind the survivors and the victims families. >> what is important to me is don't ever tolerate evil, hold them accountable and then focus on the safety of our state. i came to the hospital now to do exactly what i did after polls, thank the individuals that take care of these patients that end up in these hospitals. they are here working hard to save people's lives. this is a great hospital.
4:32 pm
i had the opportunity to talk a couple of patients and they feel blessed because they were able to come here and they are looking forward to getting on with their lives. julie: steve harrigan is at the hospital where victims are being treated. steve, how are the wounded doing? >> julie some remarkable work here at this level 1 trauma hospital. everyone has made it to this hospital is still alive. right now seven victims still hospitalized and of the six gunshot wound victims tour in critical condition according to governor rick scott. they're fighting for their lives for two more have been released initially after the gunfire on friday. as many as 50 foo people came to the hospital many with minor injuries after the panic of followed the shooting some of heat exhaustion as well from being on the tarmac for several hours. julie: what are we learning about the victims? and/or stand a great-grandmother is among them?
4:33 pm
>> a great-grandmother so that means for generations will be mourning her loss. they said she was an active member of her church. she was with her husband. they love to cruise and apparently a lot of these people who were victims were here to cruise different parts of the country including michael for example 57 years old from iowa with his wife. he was shot and killed in the baggage area, his wife shot through the shoulder and she's expected to survive. julie: they're just no words, there we aren't. for most heartbreaking story. thank you. nearly 50 people are dead after car bomb attack in northern syria. the blast went off in the rebel held town on the border of turkey near courthouse in a busy commercial center. activists say someone took a fuel tanker killed and up to blow killing people and injuring as many as 100. rescuers are looking for victims of the death cult -- a death
4:34 pm
toll could rise by the locals blame isis for the attack so far no claim of responsibility. and iraq forces are announcing against militants in mosul in closing in on the river that runs through the middle of the city. mosul is iraq's second largest city in the terror group's last major stronghold in iraq. the fight to liberate mosul is approaching the three month mark. katie logan has the latest. >> after getting bogged down with months of street fighting new tactics are helping the iraq's military move closer to the center of mosul. iraqi special forces are closing in on the river tigris and a strategic bridge which crosses it. other troops are advancing in parallel. the fighting is intensifying but isis has been driven out at the district east of the river. they still control the west of the city but once iraqi forces
4:35 pm
to reach that river it will be harder for isis to hold on. iraq used heavy firepower from the air and the ground in a fresh assault. this is of course the last major issa stronghold in iraq and they have been putting up fierce resistance putting up snipers and suicide bombers but the iraqi army says they have tamed down those isis fighters. the operation to take mosul started in october of last year but slow down when street marches began. iraqi troops now have control over a quarter of the city and better coordinates and is helping them in the campaign. of course they are backed by u.s. airstrikes. because of this people are story returning to homes in their present and clear but around 120,000 people in all want to leave. despite this recent military success in mosul at may take some time before isis is driven
4:36 pm
out of the city completely. julie: julie logan, thank you. sunday night we take a closer look at the battle for mosul and a the new war stories episode. take a look. >> in this exclusive footage taken by "fox news" isis fighters are caught infiltrating with refugees trying to flee. they are engaged by peshmerga soldiers and police. as you see it's literally trench warfare. as peshmerga and police suddenly another one lying in wait blows himself up. it's an all too common isis tactic. isis fights for every inch of ground and kills anyone they can and peshmerga are defeating them
4:37 pm
they have completely defeated every isis element. people are running away from mosul and they have been running away from isis. when they come here we try to give them any kind of help we can, food, medicine, water, anything and we pray. julie: war stories fighting isis in the battle for mosul air sunday night after fox tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. eastern. today mark two years since a deadly attacks on charlie hebdo in paris. city leaders laying wreaths today in honor of the victims killed at the satirical magazines office on january 7, 2015. two gunman stormed the building killing 12 of four people escape. two days later they suspected that shots were fired again the suspects were shot dead in a shootout with french police at a factory. on the same day french police stormed a kosher grocery in paris and killed a third terrorist who have actually taken hostages.
4:38 pm
four people died in the. republicans working hard to carry out the campaign promise repealing obamacare seven years after president obama signed it into law but there are more than a few hurdles in the way. what are they? we will explain coming up plus a top honor for debbie reynolds and carrie fisher laid to rest. a difficult life along the great white way. that's next on "the fox report." impressive linda. it seems age isn't slowing you down. but your immune system weakens as you get older increasing the risk for me, the shingles virus.
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julie: you may have r. denotes yourself but winters here is getting worse at according to the centers for disease control. every state reporting outbreaks but the flu is the most widespread in the northwest especially oregon across the south and the new york state emergency rooms are busy and doctors say the worst may not be over. >> the flu is in full swing. it really started to pick up the latter half of december. we are seeing a lot of activity. we don't know yet whether it has peaked or when it will peak. julie: they say this year's most active flu strain it seems to be making people sicker. usually it's the very young and old the hardest. the cdc says it's not too late to get a flu shot. the new congress taking steps this week to start the process of killing the affordable care
4:43 pm
act and the fight is on on capitol hill. at the top of the republican agenda and the top of president-elect trump's agenda. here is a purportedly supporting and supports insuring an obamacare alternatives in place but democrats say republicans are speeding towards a repeal without a replacement. >> there are like the dog who caught the bus. they can repeal but they have nothing to put in its place and that means so many good things go away. spoony many republicans to campaign on repealing the act while they are urging caution. >> with that want to make sure that as we get relief for obamacare we do it in a transition that doesn't pull the rug out from anybody during that transition. mag. julie: era 10 a. following the fight for obamacare from washington. >> time to get republicans promised to repeal and replace the affordable care act. the problem though they haven't been able to reach any consensus on how to do that. it's now one week into the new congress and house speaker paul ryan says to repeal and replace
4:44 pm
effort will happen within the year and the exact details on how to do that are being worked out great some g.o.p. lawmakers expect obamacare to be repealed immediately and senate republicans started the process of passing a budget that enables republicans to roll back to the loft. the republicans including kentucky senator rand paul argued repealing the affordable care act before it's ready is a mistake. >> we could repeal of a mechanic to put forward a replacement the same day. i can't guarantee we will but i'm telling everybody my caucus and trying to tell the country we need to have replacement the same day we repeal obamacare. >> are growing concerns among member the house for an caucus who are with having any budget that raises government spending even to repeal obamacare. democrats were fighting to save president obama signature health law are hammering republicans over their disjointed efforts.
4:45 pm
>> it has no votes and it has no ideas come it has no proposal and so i will be anxious to see how they want to replace it. >> incoming vice president mike pence told leaders on capitol hill the goal is to have a bill on president trump's desk by the 20th and while we are expecting to see a handful of raposo's edge deuces next week is a complicated and delicate issue for republicans that may end up taking a bit more time. julie: garrett tenney thank you. broadway honoring carrie fisher and debbie reynolds last night. several theaters in new york city dimmed their lights for one minute in memory of the iconic mother-daughter pair. reynolds died on december 28 at the age of 84, just one day after her daughter died at the age of 60. they were both laid to rest together yesterday in california. carrie fisher's ashes were carried in an urn shaped like a prozac pill. fisher and reynolds made their very first appearances on broadway in 1973 in the revival
4:46 pm
of a musical comedy irene. the stock market is soaring as we get closer to the new presidential administration. coming up we take a look at what the changing will mean for you and your money this year and the latest gadgets and display in las vegas at the consumer electronics show. you had better turn -- tune in. we'll show you all the new technologies and how they work.
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julie: a shopping mall in ohio cracking down with new rules after a massive brawl the day after christmas. police used pepper spray to break up a fight involving hundreds of people. beechwood placed near cleveland are restricting minors from coming into the malls on friday and saturday nights now unless there was someone 21 or older. most than several other states reported similar problems the same day. with the new presidential administration comes lots of changes to the stock market is surging as the markets anticipate corporate friendly policies come it changes in interest rates. how will all of this affect your wallet in the new year? "fox business" networks nicole petallides takes a look. >> it's a good year for the job market. movement in the labor market should continue in 2017 but according to career builder the hiring outlook for the new year is the best the u.s. is seen in a decade.
4:51 pm
the rate is really high hybridoma shows is that people are quitting their jobs because they're better jobs out there. the housing market is coming to an end. mortgage rates have been rising post election due in large part to the market anticipating trump's policies and continue tightening by the fed. some economists expect a 30-year fixed could end up as high as 5% toward the end of 2017. >> she says incomes are growing faster than rent prices and that means for the first time in several years renters will have an easier time in 2017. they are projecting that rents will only rise by 1.4% so in some markets you may not see an increase in your rent and while you save on rent you might be spending more at the gas pump as oil prices rise. gases projected to be 36 cents higher in 2017th and 2016 costing motorists anywhere from $120 to $180 more and while the
4:52 pm
exact impact of president-elect donald trump's tax reform is yet to be seen almost all taxpayers should pay less under his plan. jackson hewitt says three to 5% for the average household savings in dollar terms about $1600 according to the tax policy institute in more than just cutting rates the new powers in washington also reshaping the role of reduction that simplify. stay tuned come in new york nicole petallides "fox news." julie: the annual consumer electronics show happening in las vegas this weekend, hundreds of exhibits show the latest gadgets and other work paid "fox news" senior correspondent adam housley shows us some of the new technologies. >> is the world converges on sin city for the international consumer electronics show 3500 exhibits pitching some 20,000 new products all trying to wow worldwide audiences of tech-savvy buyers from paperthin
4:53 pm
tvs to internet connected cars virtually everything here gives us a glimpse of what will be everyday technology in the years to come. >> it's a glimpse of the future. this is isaac hayes at ces, voice control is huge and all these things are coming together. >> bigger, smaller smarter and safer are the key words here. this one charges your laptop and this is an i.d. which makes smartphones an operable in a car. >> a lot of the options on the marketplace can't stop facebook and twitter. we can prevent access. >> one standout is virtual reality which is moved outside the world of aiming entertainment. >> the greatest thing about er is it allows people to connect with each other. >> when it comes to music innovations put the recording studio in your hands and high-tech adapting 45s to work along with the juke boxster that of happy days. >> is the best of all worlds.
4:54 pm
everything that looks cool and sounds cool and you've got your phone industry and whatever you want through it. >> of course drones are everywhere, all shapes sizes and prices including this one. this flies for 10 minutes after quick charge and shoots amazing video and pictures and follows you around as your own personal drone and when you are done for three and a boxy folded up and deported in your pocket. at the consumer electronics show in las vegas adam housley "fox news." julie: how do you celebrate your birthday? are but not like this. >> at took a lot of times to get up there. julie: jumping out of a perfectly good plane at 10000 feet and oh yeah he's only 100 years young. ♪ ♪
4:55 pm
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"watters world" is coming up next. >> welcome to waters world, i'm your host jesse watters. i'd like to make a major announcement, "watters world" is officially a weekly show. every. every saturday at 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. we will be right here we will just give the people what they want. also whipping up in the world, donald trump, only 13 days until the inauguration. we spoke with incoming counsel to the president, kellyanne conway. >> welcome to "watters world". >> thank you. >> one of the things i like most about your boss is tweeting.


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